Thursday, February 16, 2006

The little things in life

This morning I awoke at 3:45 AM to calm Asher from his early morning hysteria. I walked into our kitchen where our indoor/outdoor thermometer hangs on the green wall. I looked at the outside temperature and had to look again just to make sure I wasn't reading it incorrectly. It was 1 degree above zero. I said to myself, "self, that is cold!" I then went downstairs to check my email. My home page is set to the personalized Google page. One of the options I have chosen to be on my personalized page is the local weather. Today looks warm - almost balmy - compared to Friday. My father said it was supposed to be in the 70's in Cape Girardeau today.

Even though the weather conditions are not that great today the small things in life cause me to rejoice. I drove to my local
Starbucks (yes, Minot has a Starbucks) and purchased a tall coffee (oddly enough the tall size is the second to smallest of four sizes). I was pleasantly surprised to find that the coffee of the day was Guatemala Antigua. When I worked at Starbucks this was the coffee I drank most often. It is one of my favorites. It is the small things in life that make one happy. When it's as cold as the set of March of the Penguins and the forecast doesn't look much better, it is good to have simple pleasantries. I am thankful!

Oh, and it just started snowing.


Bryan C. McWhite said...

Amen and Amen, as those midwest Lutherans say. Coffee covers a multitude of evils. There's freezing rain here today. At least when it's -7 degrees, you can run to your car and get warm. The freezing rain doesn't really allow for that, because it takes so long to dry out. Of course, when it's -7, there's always the change that your car won't even start, so... okay you win.

PoMonkey said...

I checked the weather in several parts of the Arctic Circle, and I'm saddened to tell you that it's warmer there than in the fine city of Minot. In McWherterfoger terms, "Holy Crap!".