Thursday, May 24, 2007

A very good prayer!

Tonight I am a proud father. I know I should not be proud but tonight is an exception. As we were doing our family devotions I asked Ezra "How should we thank God tonight?" His answer was glorious! He said, "let's thank God for vacation in the mountains and after the mountains come grandma and grandpa." It is true that his grandma and grandpa are coming to visit in mid-June and that may be cute but he wanted to thank God for the mountains. Tonight I am a proud father.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Mon·tan·a (mŏn-tăn'ə) (Abbr. MT or Mont.)
Montana is a state of the northwest United States bordering on Canada. It was admitted as the 41st state in 1889. Most of the area passed to the United States through the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and was explored by Lewis and Clark in 1805 and 1806. Split for many years among other western territories, the region was organized as the Montana Territory in 1864. Helena is the capital and Billings the largest city.
Population: 945,000.

We are taking a family vacation to Montana. Ezra is excited to see the mountains. Asher is excited about his new brown shoes that look just like his old brown shoes but they are a size larger. Kirsten and I are excited about a family vacation in the mountains.

When I was younger I always remembered which state was Montana by picturing Joe Montana as the nose in the state. Does that help you?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

For Bryan

Hi Bryan. Thanks for holding my dad accountable to posting things on his blog. Maybe when your child is born he/she could do the same for you. My dad wanted you to know that he is posting to this blog and you could check it out sometime. It's good that you are posting to your blog now but that doesn't make you the blog police.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Ezra's 3rd Birthday

Today is Ezra's 3rd birthday. He has grown so quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I skipped graduation at TEDS to go to Bucca de Beppos and a few days later meet our large headed son. He is 3 years old today. We have had a fun day of celebration. We awoke early to have donuts with sprinkles. We then played with a new train set (from Aunt Megan) and a new "puter" (Leap Frog computer) from grandma and grandpa. At Ezra's request we will have purple cake and chocolate frosting after eating corn and hot dogs for dinner.





Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Reformed Pastor - Free download

ChristianAudio's "Free Audiobook of the Month" is Richard Baxter's classic, The Reformed Pastor.

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Hymns are good

I stumbled upon a group of people (church) who are committed to singing great old hymns in a modern, folky way. If you like hymns (and you should) check out this site. You are able to listen to audio clips of each song. There are many hymns that I have not heard before but the lyrics are as rich as expected. Red Mountain Music can be found here.

The music is similar to the stuff by Indelible Grace.

Real Laws in Nearly, Canada

• Golf cart owners now have permission to drive their carts on city streets from home to the golf course, if they don’t travel on a federal, state or county highway. (HB1476)

• Restaurant patrons who buy a bottle of wine with their meal may take home any leftover wine if the bottle is sealed and the restaurant provides a receipt instead of having to leave any leftover wine at the restaurant. (HB1346)

• The name of any new or renamed school district may not be longer than two words, not counting the words “school district” or “public school district.” (HB1261)

• The State Historical Society’s budget includes $10,000 to promote Nearly, Canada's status as the “snow angel capital of the world.” (SB2018)

• Doctors, nurses and other health care providers who express sympathy to a patient’s family when something goes wrong may not have their statements used against them in a medical malpractice lawsuit or licensing hearing. (HB1333)

• Only barbershops may display barber poles. A business is not allowed to display a barber pole if there’s a chance it might mislead someone into thinking the business is a barbershop when it is not. (HB1477)

2 years

Today marks the 2 year point of living in Nearly, Canada and involvement in full-time ministry. I have learned more in the last two years about being a husband, father, pastor and friend than I have learned in my lifetime. As much as I have learned - I have 100 times more to learn. I thank God for His grace and mercy and I thank my friends and family for their patience!