Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jesus Junk

Here is an interesting article written by an man who attended the Christian Bookseller's Association convention.

What say ye?


david rudd said...

interesting... he addresses one of my pet peeves. when i was yoot pastoring i always got the "christian t-shirts" promotions. we gave them away as prizes. kids usually preferred the stuff from the dollar store.

why do people think you can stamp a cross on anything and sell it to Christians? are we that stupid?

Amy said...

I think the perfume is just the worst! It's downright embarrassing!

"You smell so good. What is that?"

"Why, it's Jesus perfume. If you follow Christ, you, too, can smell as good as me and have eternal life."

Ridiculous. Thanks, Vince. Great article.

rick said...

but what if i like to buy junk? should i buy satan junk? or are you suggesting i stop buying junk of any kind and be a better "steward"?

RG said...

Good article, but why does he have to pick on Noah's?

Andrew said...

To answer Dave's question at the end of his comment:


Most of the content in this article nags at me whenever I stop to think about what I do (work in a Christian bookstore).