Thursday, November 30, 2006

Coming Soon

FOB will have a new look soon. I know you are excited. Please contain yourself. Stay tuned.


david rudd said...

but where is the facial hair and bedhead?

rick said...

what software are you gonna use? and before your dad asks, do you own a legal copy?

Vince said...

dreamweaver and photoshop. i have legal copies of both. i bought them from a street vendor in hong kong.

rick said...



Jason said...

I like the new look. May i suggest you take all of your free time and give the site a new look every week. I think that would be the best. That way we never get bored with the same look. Now that i think about it, you should change it daily.

seriously though, the new site looks good.

rick said...

The new site looks very cool ... I'm jealous. I spent a lot of time learning Adobe GoLive and while I got the tech stuff, I was never able to get the creative/tech combination working together. Then I decided to go legal and the cost of Adobe's package with Photoshop, etc. is just tooooo much.

Anyway, very cool. I like it.

But listen, anything more than that striped pattern may be too Charismatic for your Dad so be careful.