Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Real Laws in Nearly, Canada

• Golf cart owners now have permission to drive their carts on city streets from home to the golf course, if they don’t travel on a federal, state or county highway. (HB1476)

• Restaurant patrons who buy a bottle of wine with their meal may take home any leftover wine if the bottle is sealed and the restaurant provides a receipt instead of having to leave any leftover wine at the restaurant. (HB1346)

• The name of any new or renamed school district may not be longer than two words, not counting the words “school district” or “public school district.” (HB1261)

• The State Historical Society’s budget includes $10,000 to promote Nearly, Canada's status as the “snow angel capital of the world.” (SB2018)

• Doctors, nurses and other health care providers who express sympathy to a patient’s family when something goes wrong may not have their statements used against them in a medical malpractice lawsuit or licensing hearing. (HB1333)

• Only barbershops may display barber poles. A business is not allowed to display a barber pole if there’s a chance it might mislead someone into thinking the business is a barbershop when it is not. (HB1477)

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