Thursday, June 21, 2007

Regenerate ...or not?

A friend of mine talked to me a few days ago about an image or a logo for a ministry called Regenerate. The ministry is for young adults in a suburban area in the midwest. I began working on the design and quickly found that it was difficult to represent the idea of "regenerate" in an image. Below I have posted two quick images that came to mind. Let me know what you think. I would be interested in any thoughts you have about how to represent "regenerate" in a simple image.

1. To reform spiritually or morally
2. To form, construct, or create anew, especially in an improved state
3. To give new life or energy to; revitalize.

"a worship gathering for young adults regenerating lives by rediscovering what has always been true."


Anonymous said...

I like them both. I think the man should go from faint to dark, though. Signifying, perhaps, that he is being brought from weakness into strength.

Vince Rules.

Vince said...

anonymous - i don't know what you are talking about. both of them do go from faint to dark. maybe your monitor is backwards.

Jason said...

I like the second one better...seems more fluid to me and I like the big "r" in the background. Both are nice though. I see the challenge. Maybe you could go totally organic with it and have the character walking out of dead plant material into freshly grown new plantlife. Or pulling dead plant life off of him and being offered a freshly potted plant. That may get weird though...

Hols said...

hey bro- You are so very talented. I think I like the second one better. I'm confused with the first one. To me it looks like the person ends up in the fetal position-which seems like weakness to me. It doesn't seem to show revitalizing. I like the transforming pictures but am confused with the transformation?Who asked you to do this logo?