Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Obed Elijah Black

Obed Elijah Black
Born: 2:39 pm
7 pounds 7 ounces
20 inches
Mommy and baby are doing well!
Stayed tuned for more pictures at FOB.


C-Lib said...

Welcome Obed!!! God has placed you into a wonderful Godly family and someday you too will know the nature of Gods love for you.


Congrats Vince and Kirsten!!!


The McWhites said...

YAHOO!!! Praise God for his perfect plans and timing! Obed is very handsome and Owen is pumped about having a buddy so close in age.

Love to you all!
The McWhites

Steph & Chad said...

Yeehawww! Praise the Lord! Get some rest!

Ingrid thinks that Obed's name should have been "Arrcawcaw"...at least that's the latest name she came up with...it's been a different "Ingrid-ese" name every hour. But WE think the name is perfect.

We love you all! Give hugs to Ezra and Asher from us, too.

The Jespersens

Todd said...

Praise God and welcome to the outside Obed.

Vince said...

thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Black Family! Can't wait to meet the new addition!

Hols said...

Hey Bro and Kirsten- Once again you have a beautiful baby boy. I wish I could be there to cuddle with him. I wish I could be there to cuddle with all of the little, black boys. I'm so sad that I didn't pick up my phone today. It said "Unauthorized" so I didn't pick up. That's what I get. Obed is soooo very cute....but of course-look at his cute parents. We love you guys.

Green Fam 5 said...

Give thanks to the Lord - another perfect creation. Congrats guys - luv from the Green's!

Amy said...

Welcome Obed!! Can't wait to meet ya! Congrats, neighbors....

Mark, Janna and Dane said...

Buenos Dias de la familia Trulsson. Felicidades, Vince y Kirsten - bien hecho y gracias a Dios!!! Obed - bienvenido al mundo.
Mark, Janna and Dane
Congrats!! Well done.

Mister Ginger said...

Congratulations on adding another pot to your kettle. Or is it another kettle to your pot? I dunno. Anyway, approval and commendation to all involved.

Black Mom said...

You two keep making beautiful babies. I'm a very thankful Grandmother. I am very excited to meet Obed and to have some non-stop play time with Ezra and Asher. I like the new FOB site. Keep the pictures coming. By the way, how is Kirsten's rash?