Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seasonal discernment issues...

It is that time of year...ahhh. The leaves are changing colors and falling. The morning air is crisp. Wool socks and sweaters appear from hibernation. The appeal of hot apple cider has been renewed...and in the distance a witch smashed into a telephone pole, Kleenex ghost hanging from trees and fake spider webs strewn across jack-o-lanterns. Ahhh...it's that time of year. What's this, what's this? I can't believe my eyes. Here comes Halloween!

So, what are your thoughts? Is October 31st a day to avoid like the plague? If you are a believer in Jesus, is this a day to speak against? If you have children, do you pull them from school parties and ban them from walking near "those aisles" at Target or Wal-Mart? Do you celebrate Halloween under the guise of "Harvest Party?" If so, what is your reasoning? I would like to hear your thoughts. How should we discern what is right? What does the bible say about Halloween?

A friend of mine lists several questions to help us in our biblical approach to discernment. You can find those questions here.

*edited 10.23.07 - if you take offense at the use of "Kleenex" please understand that one could also use Puffs, Puffs Plus, Puffs with a Scent of Vicks, Puffs Ultra, Puffs Basic, or Puffs to Go*


Dad Black said...

I'm deep in thoughts about candy corn.

rick said...

"Kleenex" ghost??? You mean "facial tissue" ghosts don't you?

As a P&G shareholder, the proud makers of Puffs, I find this the most offensive aspect to Halloween.

Vince said...

Actually I typed "kleenex" with a lower case "k" but the spell check forced me to capitalize it. I apologize for the product placement on my blog.

RG said...

kleenex are 'Fine' here, just FYI.

One of the challenges we face with most of our holidays is explaining to our friends (who have no idea why we celebrate) a God-centered, Christ focused reason for why we celebrate our holidays. When you're outside of the US culture, it helps you look into the why's.

Of course some holidays have no religious significance at all - but think about explaining the holiday to someone completely foreign to the whole thing and how they see you, as a Christian, celebrating your holidays.

Just some random thoughts.

I love candy corn.

Vince said...

rg - great thoughts! that is quite helpful. the "why" question, in my opinion, is unanswerable with this holiday. i don't think there are reasons - good ones at least. however, i do see some benefit in the american culture to using the holiday as a bridge to the gospel. i don't know if halloween is even a holiday that is celebrated where you are - i would assume not. i do know that you just finished a "celebration" of sorts where you are and in that context it would be unhelpful for you to join in but it would be a great bridge to the gospel...or so i would think. that's how i see it. here it is a great opportunity to reach otherwise unreached neighbors with a relational connection.

i always wonder how st. paul would have handled halloween. would he have used the opportunity or shunned it. WWPD.

RG said...

I don't think he'd have gone around as the headless John the B, even though that'd be a great costume. Maybe you go around to houses in your area where people are 'living in sin.' and call them out.