Thursday, December 20, 2007

Whiskerino 2007

Whiskerino is a beard event that began on November 1st and ends on February 29th. I joined about 400 other testosterone laden men for one hairy adventure. Kirsten is very patient with my sometimes odd lifestyle.

The image on the left if what I looked like on November 1st. The image on the right is the bearded me.

Click on the image above to visit the site. Please understand that I am not endorsing all of the content (images or language) on the site.
If you want to see my bearded progress click HERE! My moniker is "blackbeard."
Enjoy and may the growth be with you (beard growth that is).


rick said...

that beard looked trimmed - foul!!!

Vince said...

the beard is not trimmed. i have shaved my moustache - which is affectionately called the "lincoln." it's fair.

rick said...

i'm calling you a liar ... it is simply too neat ... not even jesus had a beard that neat

Vince said...

well, i am hurt. i am not lying. it is only day 50...wait until march 1st and then let me know if it is too neat.