Monday, September 29, 2008


As Kirsten has already noted on her blog - the season has already changed to fall here and we had a good time in the front yard this evening.  I was pretty impressed with Ezra's jump into the pile of leaves.  
Asher didn't seem to get the concept of jumping into the leaves.  Instead he just ran through the leaves.  Although, as I think back about it - I am glad he didn't jump.  He would have probably knocked out more teeth.  


Grandma Black said...

I'm pretty impressed with Ezra's jumping skills also. He didn't get a little help from photoshop did he? Even so, I'm still impressed! Asher's long running stride is very impressive as well...such gifted grandsons!

Vince said...

no photoshop in this picture. he is really jumping into the leaves. pretty amazing, eh?