Monday, January 26, 2009


At one time I had a blog called Partially Read Books. The intent of the blog was to write brief reviews of books I had been reading and to hold me accountable to actually finishing books I had started reading. It didn't work so I deleted the blog. Below is a list of popular books I have read (actually cover to cover) over the last few months. I won't write about any of the books but if you have questions about any of them please ask in the comments. I may answer. I will tell you this - all of the books below are books I would recommend - some more than others.

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B-U-R-L-Y said...

How's "Planting Missional Churches" on a scale of 1-10? Was it better than stuff you've read on the internets? I've read only a few "traditional" church planting books, as well as "Total Church" (by Crowded House guys - no not them). Also, did McWhite oversell Crazy Love? Scale of 1-10, how did you see it?