Saturday, February 07, 2009

Recent Conversation #1

Asher: What's that daddy?
Me: That's a new restaurant that just opened.
Ezra: What's it called?
Me: Ruby Tuesday.
Ezra: Are they only open on Tuesday?
Me: No, but that's a really good question.


Grandpa Black said...

More of the conversation:
Dad: Ruby Tuesday was a song by the Beatles.
Ezra: I didn't know bugs could sing.
Dad: They were a singing group from Liverpool.
Ezra: yuck

Vince said...

More of the conversation:

Ezra: I wonder if Grandpa knows that The Beatles didn't sing Ruby Tuesday?
Dad: I don't know Ezra. We should post our conversation on my blog so that he knows better.
Ezra: Yeah, he should have known that it was originally released by The Rolling Stones.

Grandma Black said...

Does Minot have a TGIFriday? That would make for some good conversation also. And Cracker Barrell (do they really have crackers in a barrell?). And Buffalo Wild buffalos have wings?....

Grandpa Black said...

The Beatles sang it in the car once. (Actually, both the Beatles and Rolling Stones were way before my time.)