Monday, October 31, 2005

Martin's Words for Today?

As I read through the 95 Theses of Martin Luther today I noticed several that may be applied to our current context. Our battle is not against the Pope and his efforts to build a basilica but Luther's words may be applied to our current situation.

For instance, number 54 on the list states:

A wrong is done to the Word of God when in the same sermon an equal or a longer time is devoted to indulgences than to God's Word.

I understand that Luther was writing against a corrupt church but I wonder what he would have written about the church today that does not preach the Word of God. What type of statements would be nailed to our church doors? Sure, we aren't selling indulgences (hopefully) but is the Word of God faithfully taught from our pulpits? On Sunday morning is the time devoted to music, fellowship and drama rather than on the preaching of the Word of God? Even if the sermon is lengthy, are our pastors teaching the Word or are they telling emotional stories to make us feel good? The allotment of time spent on the Word of God during a Sunday morning worship service speaks volumes to the devotion of the church.

To what are we devoted? What would Luther say to us?

A wrong is done to the Word of God when in the same sermon an equal or longer time is devoted to _______________ than to God's Word.

What say ye?


the hamster said...

good post, sir. i am weary with the max lucado tearjerkers. i am ready to be fit for a lion's feast. my spiritual bones are lean and sinewy. let's get to the meat, people! the meat!

A&M Brock said...


to me, that means you said some good things there. i also agree with kevin. Too much fluff is out there. We cannot keep growing with a diet of pixy sticks and cotton candy.