Friday, October 28, 2005

Skating is Good for Health

One of the great things about small town life is the fact that most small towns hold on to things that larger towns have long since abandoned. The town in which we live still has a roller rink.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to the young adult small group from our church that I would like to go roller skating. Every Thursday night the group gathers together and we walk through the bible. Recently we have been studying the book of 1 John. At least one person in the group has heard something I have said because this week the group surprised me and took me roller skating to show their appreciation. Sure, I wish they would remember things from our studies but that's a different topic.

Have any of you been to a roller rink recently - I mean the old style rinks with wooden floors and carpet-covered contrete walls that assist the skater in important things like stopping? Let me tell you...they have not changed since the last time you entered a rink in 1984. There was a disco ball in the middle of the rink. We played games like limbo and four corners - the game in which the object is to race to a corner of the rink when the music stops. They didn't do the couple skate, which was fine with me because my beautiful wife was not with me. They didn't play any Lionel Ritchie or John Astley.

I encourage you to take advantage of the roller rink nearest you. After all, skating is good for health.


A&M Brock said...

Monett had one as i was growing up. i went there and got to see smoking by adolescents, boyfriends and girlfriends breaking up and getting together.
the girls always seemed better than the boys even if it was also their first time. There was of course always the one or two boys about a couple of years older who were pros at it and would frequently skate around with the girl you had your eye on, and then laugh at you as you fell down even though you thought you were holding yourself up with the carpet wall. This particular guy knew the staff's names and always won at limbo. He could skate backwards while rounding the curve and seemed to be there everytime i went which wasn't often. Yes, that guy very well may have stolen away any number of potential girlfriends for me, only to prey on yet another with his smooth smile and effortless rolling.

i'm not bitter.
i love rollerskating.

the hamster said...

what i remember about skating was how it was cool to sit on the side of the rink, butt on the carpet step and wheels on the rink floor, and just chew the fat until a really good song came on - like "abracadabra" by steve miller band. then you had to skate. you just had to. and you had to skate with all your skating might because the song moved you. and then craig roland would beat you up in the bathroom when he saw you go in alone. not that that happened to me. it was some other guy. i just heard about it.

Vince said...

someone told me the other day of a time when they skated in a bear suit. they kept tripping over the costume and lost 25 pounds due to sweat.

i watched a pbs special on grizzly bears last evening. none of the bears were skating but they all seemed to be in fairly good shape.