Monday, December 26, 2005

New Site!

Some day in the nearing future we will have a new web site. The site will be found at Mark your favorites now. We currently have the new web address linked to the soon-to-be old web site. If you want to see pictures of my handsome son, stunning dog and beautiful wife click on the link above. Enjoy!


Creative Liberty said... all honesty...I have no idea about the racial makup of your church but it looks as though there will be a Family of Blacks visiting soon. Like its an Afro-American singing group or something. LOL...I love it!

Special Word: rpffpfol

Creative Liberty said...

So...will this blog spot be on your site? Or will the Family of Blacks not call the kettle black anymore?

SW: rvjaau

Vince said...

i may move the blog over to the new site...i dont know yet. it doesn't really matter all that much since there are not many readers. either way i will continue to post worthless information. never you fear.