Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary Weinermobile

This year marks the 7oth anniversary of the Weinermobile. What says "fun" more than a giant hot dog on wheels?

Weiner Facts
  • Americans will eat 26 million hot dogs in major league ball parks - that's enough to stretch from Yankee Stadium in New York City to Dodgers' Stadium in Los Angeles! Or, it's even enough to circle the bases 36,000 times.
  • The first hot dogs were served in buns at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition. Customers were given white gloves to protect their hands from the steaming wieners, but the gloves kept disappearing.
  • New York Polo Grounds vendors called hot dogs "Dachshund sausages." But when sports cartoonist Tad Dorgan couldn't spell dachshund, he wrote "hot dog" instead, and the name stuck.
  • Three U.S. presidents served hot dogs at official White House functions: Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939, Jimmy Carter in 1977, and Ronald Reagan in 1980.
  • One Wienermobile™ vehicle weighs exactly one million hot dogs!


david rudd said...

this may be the finest post ever!

i love my hotdogs and miss them terribly...

apparently they aren't good for cholesterol.

Vince said...

dave - sorry you can't eat the dogs. i swallowed on of those little cocktail weiners last year in a competition with my wife. she said she would eat two if i ate one. i gulped the weiner down and she caved on her end of the bargain. oscar meyer would not be happy with her behavior.