Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Opportunity for You!

There are many ways to spend your money this summer. Allow me to provide you with another way to invest your financial resources. In August I have an opportunity to travel to Glacier National Park to visit the goat pictured above. There are several programs that sponsor the visitation of goats but nothing like this sponsorship. The purpose of this "Sponsor a Goat" (SAG) program is two-fold. The goat will receive a visit from me and in turn I will be able to visit the goat in his natural habitat. This sponsorship is inexpensive but not free. The entire trip will cost about as much as a round-trip ticket (via Amtrak) to Glacier National Park. In return for your sponsorship you will receive a postcard from the national park.

Please consider giving to this worthy cause. Send checks, cash or money orders to my home address and I promise to accomplish the two-fold purpose of this sponsorship. If you would like more information concerning this program please leave a comment and I will respond.

On behalf of everyone at SAG - thank you!


Creative Liberty said...

I want a post card of you with that goat!!! Ahh...college days. I digress. I have a new mailing address as of tomorrow...I close on my town home tomorrow. So, email me with more info Goat Boy.

kirstenB said...

Since I have no income, but I'd like to help with SAG, could I borrow $20? Or does Amtrak barter for baked goods or possibly dirty diapers?

Vince said...

creative liberty - you will receive your postcard when SAG receives the donation. thank you.

kirstenb - i will call amtrak to ask about their bartering policies.

Lyndsay said...

Is there anyone who would like to sponser my goat? He's larger than the average size goat and his coat is also more dense. He's very friendly but can't be trusted around plastic lawn chairs.

Glenna Marshall said...
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