Friday, March 02, 2007

A Two Year Old Theology

Today my wife was cleaning out our eldest sons dresser drawers. She was removing clothes that no longer fit him. He noticed what she was doing and asked "why are you taking my clothes?" She answered, "these clothes don't fit you because you are too big." He quickly replied, "when I am bigger Jesus will come back." I think he may be referring to this.

This evening I was going through catechism questions with our eldest son. We use the book posted below. I would recommend this book to anyone who has young children...or actually anyone who has a heartbeat. We are now up to questions concerning God. Here is the way the conversation proceeded:

Me: How many Gods are there?
Ezra: There is only one true God.

Me: How many persons are there in the one God?
Ezra: Three.

Me: Who are these three persons?
Ezra: The Father, the Son and the...I'm gonna be three soon.

Purchase the book here.


ylmurph said...

he's right you can't doubt his theology

b.j. said...

my concern is the eschatological questions surrounding the idea of '3.' as is commonly understood, the number 3 is associated with midtribulation ascension, which is generally accepted as a license to wet one's bed.

just a heads up on that.