Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Black's Eschatology

Every night we read through a portion of Ezra's bible. We are now at the end of the book. Tonight we talked about Jesus coming back. I said "Ezra, Jesus is coming!" He got a very worried look and said "No! Jesus not coming." I had to assure him that Jesus was not coming over to babysit. I said "Jesus IS coming." By this time Clive was running back and forth between the front and back door looking for Jesus. Jesus hasn't come back yet.


rick said...

Is that you in a red robe and your hair flattened?

jonny5 said...

...white jesus is still waiting for mullets to make a come back

Bryan C. McWhite said...


Aren't you concerned that Clive (and Ezra) won't be able to distinguish between Jesus' coming being true and Satan Claus's coming not being true?