Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Unified Leaders

I am currently reading a book (I have yet to post it here) about unity among leaders in the church. In the beginning pages of the book the author states that he had to settle on three components in order to have a unified leadership team. They are:

  1. Doctrinal purity
  2. Sincere and warm friendships
  3. Philosophical purity
What do you think? Are there any others? Are these too many? What say ye?


david rudd said...

i don't know if this fits under #2, but i would suggest trust is essential.

a subpoint of trust would be the ability to strongly disagree without fearing for loss of realationship.

Dad Black said...

What is philisophical purity?

Vince said...

david - i believe trust would fall under all of them. trust should be the foundation by which you build a board.

dad - philosophical purity is the idea that...oh, i see. you were correcting my spelling.

Todd said...


I agree with #1 & #2 (throwing david's comment about trust in with #2) as components of unified leadership.

On #3, I would say that there has to be some philosophical purity, but you don't want to stifle creativity. And even with unity, you still need a prophetic voice that maintains balance on matters of how the church is going to implement her mandates.

Plus it is good for people to submit to a philosophical decision that they might not totally agree with. You take to hard of a line on "philosophical purity" and you you're just gonna wind up with a new type of fundamentalism when it comes to how things work in a particular church. Do you then split over a logo or font choices? To you hire based on their view regarding fill-in-the-blanks on sermon outlines vs. no outline handed out? Important decisions - to some degree yeah. I think you see where I'm going.

(sorry this was long)

david rudd said...

well, i can't believe you disagreed with me. what kind of blog is this anyway?

Bryan C. McWhite said...

Are you sure Dad Black was only correcting your spelling? What is philosophical purity? How can a philosophy be pure? Does it mean "biblical"? "Coherent"?

Dinkin' flicka.