Wednesday, August 15, 2007

9 Marks Interviews

Maybe you like to rock out to the oldies while you sit in traffic. Maybe you like to listen to one-sided political jabs from egotistical radio personalities. Let me suggest something different. 9 Marks Ministries interviews pastors, theologians and authors about various topics. The audio interviews are posted to 9 Marks web site and are free!

This month Mark Dever interviews David Wells and asks him about "going against culture, contextualization, postmodernism, how to do theology as preachers, urban ministry, and more." I have enjoyed listening to these interviews during my 7 minute commute. Download the latest interview here.

*As a teaser...if you attended the Desiring God National Conference in October 2006 you will be interested in this interview. Dever asks Wells his opinion on Keller, Driscoll and Piper. Are they similar in approach to the culture or not?

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