Monday, August 27, 2007

Design issue

Has anyone else noticed that there is a great deal of the above going on in design these days. I don't understand it. Can someone help me?


rick said...

we use it at the church i attend, it replaces our need for truth based on scripture.

david rudd said...

it is the evolution of the swoosh.

oh no. i said evolution on your blog. clearly, you don't believe in inerrancy.

sorry, i was trying to outdo rick.

i really do think it is the evolution of the swoosh.

Bryan C. McWhite said...

Coooooooooooooool. Swiiiirrrlllllllyyy.

Vince said...

i'm telling you - look for it. it's everywhere. i just got a new cd (a compact disc is a music device that was used before i-tunes) today and the inside cover is full of this stuff. i have seen other blogs and web sites with this same design. i have even seen manly men with this on their web sites or blogs. doesn't it seem feminine?

rick - in what ways do you use it? on the web site or on printed materials?

david - you can't outdo rick.

bryan - why don't you stick to writing on your own blog? that seems to get well known people like doug pagitt to comment.

PoMonkey said...

True. I have some of that going on in my new floor rug. I'll take a photo if you desire or if you need proof.

Black Mom said...

I'm a little being an artist asking other, probably non-artists, to help you understand this new popular artwork. Aren't artists supposed to be open to all works of art? It is feminine and I'm glad you don't have it on your blog or website. I like it on Holly's myspace though

Jo said...

you know, i looked down as i was reading this and sure enough i have it on my area rug in our living room. But i'm a girl so does that make it ok?

p.s. i really like the swooshes.