Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ezra Picasso

Ezra is starting to put together faces and bodies when he draws.  This is a picture that he drew of me.  You will notice that it is in fact me because of the dark hair and beard (the black circle around the mouth is the beard).  He is also beginning to perfect the artist signature.  I'm not sure why he chooses to spell his name "EZrA."  I think that is his signature signature so that you know it's a genuine EZrA masterpiece.  


rick said...

What's with the Al Jolson lips?

Mom said...

I think I have some drawings that look very similar to this tucked away. Ezra has inherited some of your artistic creativity.

Hols said...

I just noticed something. Your pictures on this blog are similar to Ezra's drawing. Check out the bedhead pictures. HHHHHHMMMMM????