Saturday, December 20, 2008

From Us to You - Song #8

Sorry for the delay.  We were piled under snow again yesterday and I was unable to get to my computer (maybe).  I hope this has not caused any trauma for our fans.  Because of the delay we will release one bonus track on the final day.  

I thought this song was appropriate due to the silence of songs yesterday.

Song #8 - Silent Night


Inkling said...

You know, Vince, after listening to the vast musical talent displayed on these tracks, I really feel that you and your wife should come out with a lullaby cd dedicated to your nephew Tobin. I'm sure Holly and Rob would love playing it all day long, and that it would be just the thing to soothe Tobin to sleep when Holly is at her wit's end. Yes, a lullaby cd is your definite next step. You know what they say about not hiding your light under a bushel or burying your talents. =)

M. said...

I've stayed in my house for the last 24 hours waiting for the latest installment. I'm not sure it was worth the wait. Not even Addy wanted to listen to the track all the way to it's end. This is significant because when it started she said she said it wasn't funny; it sounded good. Kate just wants to know why Mrs. Black has long hair.

Also, the word verification block says bacti. I think that's the plural of bacteria.