Friday, March 06, 2009

Bedhead submissions

As many of you know we have a page on our family web site that is devoted to the great styles of bedhead.  We have always been open to submissions from others who believe they have great bedhead.  There are two rules to keep in mind when submitting something to the gallery of bedhead.  1.) You must be willing to have your image posted to our site.  2.) Your image must be of you or of someone who has given you permission to submit their photo.  

Last week we received three submissions for the bedhead page of our site.  Only one of the images has been accepted by our qualified team of bedhead specialists.  

The Henry

The two images above were not accepted because we did not receive permission from Nick Nolte or Michael Jackson.  

Please keep in mind that we are always accepting submissions for the Bedhead Hall of Fame - if you think you have what it takes.  


M. said...

We're all pretty honored that The Henry made the cut. We have an acceptance speech written out that will probably not fit into the 45 second time block. Maybe they'll let us preach a sermon some time?

I think that's the hottest M.J. has ever looked.

B-U-R-L-Y said...

M.J.???? Nice ...

Brittany said...

Nice - "own your bedhead", lol. Kind of like this -