Friday, March 13, 2009

Garbage Days (Kirsten's blog)

My smokin' hot wife has a blog.  She does a fantastic job of documenting the goings-on of the Family of Blacks.  Check it out HERE!  Below is one of her recent posts.

Tuesday and Friday mornings are exceptionally happy times in the Black house. Why, you might ask? Well, those are the mornings the garbage truck passes our house, not once, but twice! Usually, shortly after breakfast, we hear the low rumble of the engine of the garbage truck. All three boys race to the back window, climb up onto the bench, and wait in eager anticipation for the garbage truck to pass down the alley. Then, the second the truck is out of sight, they race to the front window, going through the same process to watch as the garbage truck passes by the front of the house. Now, I'm not absolutely certain that Obed actually understands what all the excitement is about... but he does get excessively excited - mostly spurred on by the excitement of the brothers. The greatest joy comes when the garbage men riding on the back wave back. It doesn't happen every day... but when it does, much celebrating occurs!

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