Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Saltines: The Traditional Pre-Thanksgiving Meal for Seagulls

I am now reunited with my family in La Crosse, Wisconsin (translation - The River, Wisconsin). After several hours on a train across North Dakota and Minnesota - my only entertainment was watching an old man that may have been Jerry Garcia back from the dead play war games on his laptop computer - I am back with my lovely wife, energetic son and over-eating dog.

Monday evening we went to see Walk the Line. Great film. They only left out one small thing about John R. Cash - Jesus. Phoenix and Witherspoon are marvelous. Cash was definitely a rock-n-roll star!

Tuesday evening I finished reading
A Walk in the Woods. I then read to my wife from I'm a Stranger Here Myself. I laughed aloud. She fell asleep.

This morning we loaded up in the MarshWiggle Wagon and went to the Mighty Mississippi. My boy fed seagulls a traditional pre-Thanksgiving meal - saltine crackers. They seemed to be thankful for the crackers. We thought one seagull was missing a leg. It was tricking us. When it landed it ran on two legs to get a piece of saltine yummy goodness. The tricky two-legged seagull must not have a canker sore in its mouth like I do.

I am thankful for all of the above activities. God is good to give me even these things. I am
unthankful for the canker sore.


the hamster said...

jon kever and i watched a fellar wipe his english bulldogs rump roast right out on the side walk. jon said to the guy, "well, that wasn't pretty."

i was thankful for seeing the jon. not thankful for watching the wipe.

ps. the seagull story did me good this morning, sir. that is true celebration there, old friend.

the hamster said...

i liked the jon and dog story so much i told it elsewhere. i'm not very original.

jonny5 said...

i like crackers... i am a cracker... therefore, i like myself.