Sunday, January 08, 2006

Anniversaries - Red and Yellow, Black and White

V&K - 6 Years

J & C - 7 Years

K & L - 1 Year


the hamster said...

i hope when we reach six years that we will have a dog as pretty as clive. thanx for being an inspiration.

happy day on the eighth, bro.

Vince said...

Oh, Kevin - someday you will have a dog as pretty as Clive but those things just don't happen. That takes years of learning and growing together as a married couple.

jonny5 said...

our first anniversary was spent celebrating a black union of oneness. and now our seventh earned a position of honor in the forum of the black blog. i'm truly honored.

A&M Brock said...

pretty couples.

the one year is truly grand,kev.

i just need a dog now.