Friday, January 13, 2006

Up, up and away

Yesterday I journeyed by plane from North Dakota (yes, there's an airport) to Chicago. On the first leg of the trip I sat next to a 40 year old man called Terry from Willliston, ND. He was flying to Minneapolis to catch a connecting flight to Vegas. He was headed toward a weekend with high school buddies to, in his words, "drink lots of beer and stay up late." I wondered, Terry does your mom know about this? Anyway, the small talk ensued. "Where ya from?" "What brought ya here?" "Where ya goin'?" "Why?" I explained to Terry that I was going to Chicago to speak at a retreat for a high school youth group. I also explained that I now work at a church in ND. I could tell he knew nothing of church so I kept our discussion mostly on the small talk. After a bit of silence he turned to me with a puzzled look and asked, "so...are you like the church manager or supervisor?" I don't know that I had ever heard of that position but I was certain that if there was such a profession it would most certainly be held by God Himself. Trips by plane in America are interesting places for one hour conversations.


the hamster said...

i'm a little jealous that you actually got someone to speak to you on an airplane. i've only had that priviledge once, maybe twice. i'm always thinking that people should be talking on airplanes. it's very intimate up there, flying and maybe dying together. should we go down i'd like to know a thing or two about the person i'm about to bite it with.

Creative Liberty said...

Family of Blacks...coming soon.
You didnt call me back.
Google Earth Rocks...they finally have it for Mac's.
Munich gets two thumbs up.
I like telling people on planes that I am the pilot.
Ok...back to studying.

jonny5 said...

i like airplance meals--not because the food's all that good, but because it makes me feel special somehow. once i got a couple of free bottles of whisky. that made me feel special and warm.

jonny5 said...

you might've thought i'd just received another couple-o-bottles that i finished off before writing that last comment by the way i spelled airplane


unless you're on the planet fijerbuggy, in which case airplance is the king of flabergoggle--keeper of the seal, and protector of the flubberboggens.