Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Big City

The Family of Blacks flew to St. Louis this morning. Ezra enjoyed the ride on the "eepeene."

I forgot how much I missed city life. I went back to the Starbucks I managed and had coffee with the current manager (who was once an employee of mine). As I drove to Starbucks I noticed several other things that I have missed since living in Nearly, Canada.

1. There are leaves on the trees in April.
2. There are flowering trees (in April).
3. There are flowers (in April).
4. The grass is green (in April).
5. People are outside in something other than quilted down parkas (in April).
6. There are more than 7 radio stations.
7. There are more than 7 restaurants.
8. There are several Mexican restaurants.
9. Eight-lane highways.
10. Outdoor seating at cafes (in April).

I am content in Nearly, Canada. We have made a home there but we still miss the city. God is good - even in Nearly, Canada.


Dad Black said...

Wait a minute! Items 1-5 and 10 have nothing to do with the big city. They have to do with latitude. Concerning #9 (eight-lane highways), I prefer places that don't need all those lanes.

ylmurph said...

I love 8 lane highways...the bigger the better - bring 'em on!

Vince said...

dad black - if you notice i said "As I drove to Starbucks I noticed several other things that I have missed since living in Nearly, Canada." the 10 items didn't have to do with big city just other things i miss.

the hamster said...

what about wasps? do you miss wasps? personally, i think they are very cool. i mean, what was God thinking giving wings to harpoons?

Vince said...

i think we have wasps in nearly, canada.

Amy said...

I'm glad you're having fun! I am still sitting here in Nearly, Canada with the two restaurants and no good Mexican food.

Bryan C. McWhite said...

So then when do you want to plant a church with us in a big city? I'll be looking for ministry opportunities one year from right now - whattya say? Leslie and I have kicked that idea around, oh, 17,586 times or so. A city church that takes seriously poverty and need while focusing also on the centrality of the preached Word in worship? How novel.