Thursday, April 13, 2006

Modesty...Honestly? - Part 4

In a recent post series entitled "Fashion and Following the Savior" - the ladies at Girl Talk discuss the issue of modest dress. In part 3 of this series they ask "How can we know if pride is our fashion style of choice?" They respond with three arrogant desires that can often motivate the way we dress. I will only list number three in its entirety.

1. A desire to be selfish.

2. A desire to show off.

3. A desire to seduce.
This is the most serious of the three. While many women who choose immodest clothing aren’t literally trying to seduce a guy, in it’s infancy, there can be a desire for that lustful attention. We want to feel attractive and desirable. However, this is sinful, and a particularly virulent form of pride. It’s says: I’m worthy of the kind of attention that’s forbidden in God’s Word. It tempts men to sin against God’s holiness. If these three proud desires—to be selfish, show off and seduce—are lurking in our hearts, we must first admit to the ugly truth. Then we must repent and receive the forgiveness that comes only through Christ. And we must purpose to put on humility—first in our hearts, and then in our dress. For if immodesty is an expression of pride, then modesty is humility expressed in dress.

So how about you? Are you wearing humility today?

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ylmurph said...

Pride tends to be the language I speak...baggy clothes and a bad haircut is more of my style. I wonder what I'd be wearing if I was a single, cute girl that wasn't really surrounded by encouraging, loving guys...but instead was surrounded by a bunch of guys that affirmed me for my looks???

Kind of weird thinking about what it'd be like to be a cute girl....I wonder if I'd still like football and bad action movies?

Dad Black said...

Here's my test for whether fashion feeds a person's pride--After you have an interaction with someone and walk away, that person should not remember what you were wearing or how you were adorned. Apparel should be up to date, but not be such that it draws attention. This test can apply to sloppy, grungy clothes also. If your friends gather around to rave about your clothes, then in my opinion, you are using your clothes to be selfish.

Dad Black said...

This really doesn't have much to do with the topic, but I had it in my files:

From the tape entitled "Making the Hard Decision Easy" copyright John MacArthur, 1986.

"There are certain people who believe that certain clothing styles are basically reflective of a sinful society. I don't understand the fashions today. Personally I believe God is symmetrical. He likes the same things on both sides of you. I see clothes that go every which way, I mean crazy things, like exploding things. But I think God is a God of symmetry. That's just me. I like a pocket on both sides of my shirt. What can I say?"

Creative Liberty said...

I wouldnt say that one is using their clothes to be selfish perse...That is more of a reflection of your friends emphasis...time to get new friends.

I had a roomate once who was talking about his girl issues with another guy and the other guy interrupted my friend and pointed at his jeans and asked if they were a certain brand. I though that was rather crappy...he wasnt listening to my friends heart. Then my friend went on about his jeans and didnt return to the story. I guess it runs both ways. I just couldnt believe what I had witnessed.

andy said...

Does wearing a loose shirt to hide my expanding waistline fall under one of those three?