Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Now that's evangelism!? - pt. 8

I will never try sushi but I may give Jesus a try sometime...what?


david rudd said...

isn't this the natural outcome of churches that function very much like Old Country Buffet?

(i don't mean to denegrate the OCB, i really do love it, but my cholesterol just can't take it)

ylmurph said...

Jesus with a side of rice...
but then you're hungry for more Jesus a half hour later

Bryan C. McWhite said...

That's the worst one yet. What a stinkin' shame.

Todd said...

That bumper sticker really brings out the Lordship of Christ doesn't it?!? (Not to mention the eternal security of the believer.) I agree with Brian, worst - sticker - ever (or at least so far).

I won't try most organ meats. Not a fan. I was boycotting foie gras not even knowing how much it hurt the birds.

K-Fish said...

I saw a bumber sticker today in St Louis (or was it in Indianapolis?). Having a hard time remembering since I drove several hours today. I had my camera on me, I should have taken a picture of it. Anyway.. the bumber sticker said:

"Keep ignoring Jesus and
there will be Hell to pay