Thursday, October 26, 2006

Comments on Halloween Article

After reading this I have decided to post my comments about the previously quoted article. Tim Challies says,

"I do not foresee [Halloween] as a time when the people coming to your door are likely to be saved. But I do think it is a time that you can prove to your neighbors that you care about them, that you care about their children, and that you are glad to be in this world and this culture, even if you are not of this world or this culture."

This is an area of failure for many of us. We think "if it does not directly lead to an evangelistic presentation then it is not worthwhile." That's wrong. It may be a time to prove to our neighbors something we should have been proving all year - that we care about them and want to build relationships with them. I wonder how Paul would have treated Halloween. I wonder if he would have turned off his lights and retreated to the local harvest party. What say ye?


jonny5 said...

paul would've dressed up in monk garb and, with foam dribbling pint raised high, toasted to 'reformation day' on behalf of neighborhood onlookers.


jonny5 said...

wince, you've really missed the point of harvest day. harvest day isn't about giving our children an alternative to the satan worshipping day of devils. it's about providing our children with a gymnasium where they can wear unscary costumes and recieve loads of candy not laced with narcotics

Vince said...

Yes, you are right jonny5. paul was typically about doing things that only his Christian friends would have understood. that was the nature of paul in the midst of culture. blah.