Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Goulish Gluttony

There are many articles floating around about the Halloween pros and cons. I have posted a few links to such articles as well as some of my own thoughts here and here and here. Mars Hill posted a great article about Halloween here. It is packed full of historical information but the most helpful part of the article is the last paragraph. It says,

Lastly, for parents, don’t forget that gluttony is a sin. Be careful not to force your kids to learn this the hard way: lying on an altar of plastic wrap and tin-foil, holding their bulbous stomachs. If you participate in Halloween, it might be the perfect time to introduce the concept of moderation.

There may be pros and cons about celebrating Halloween but there aren't any pros to the evil of gluttony. This is quite overlooked in our obese nation.

Hey kids, here is a tip from Uncle Vince - don't eat too much candy and get fat. Thanks.

Happy Halloween!

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rick said...

but i find unwrapping all of those little packages to be good exercise ... right?