Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thanks Joel

Dear Dave,
Do you still love me?
Joel Zumaya


Shaundra said...

Well, this is another one of Dave Rudd's friends posting, and since I am his friend, I will stick up for him.

I am without a doubt a huge Cubs fan. Naturally, I hate the Cardinals, and since I live in Michigan, I like the Tigers.

They are naturally a tougher animal than a wimpy bird, so because of "survival of the fittest," they should win.

david rudd said...

wait and see...

A Friendly Michigander said...

Go Tigers

Anonymous said...

here kitty, kitty, kitty.

david rudd said...

i wish michigan people wouldn't call themselves michiganders...

a gander is a goose.

i am not a goose.

i'm a michiganian.

Andrew said...

I've never heard that logic before, Dave.

I guess it makes sense, but most people say Michigander.


Go Tigers!