Thursday, February 01, 2007

All Terrain Van

Last evening we watched the local weather. We knew it was supposed to snow and we knew it was supposed to be really cold and we knew that the wind was supposed to be horrid. We awoke before the sun this morning to get an early start on the snow. We checked the Nearly, Canada Department of Transportation. As we left our house we knew that some of the highways were snow covered and we knew that there could be blizzard like conditions. We did NOT know that Mr. Morrison (our new minivan) would handle two consecutive 360's off the road and into a ditch. He did just fine.

The photo above was our view just before we did van acrobatics. Don't tell my mom. But if you do tell her about the performance of our van also tell her that we are all doing well. Ezra thought it was neat but doesn't want to do it again because "it makes him very sad."


RG said...

You, vans ... hmmm

Seriously, we are glad all is well. Did Mr Morrison make it through unscathed?

rick said...

Glad to hear you survived ... perhaps focussing on the road rather than your camera will prevent future occurrence ... just a thought.