Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spam ALWAYS Works!

I receivd a spam email message this evening. Typically I just delete the spam I receive but this one really touched me.

"Wonderful thought should experience very, real barbra. Movies such, as tomb raider lara croft cradle of. Embraced community speaks openly! Love etchome fun buyers holiday gift guide. Thorton, son maddox who. With both men women in move. Dont know if its attitude. Maddox, who adopted from cambodia. At same time which lot people can. Skinny problem when walking down fell somebody happened! Thought, should experience very real barbra, walters asked. Who, adopted from, cambodia daughter zahara. Same time which lot people. Carpenter forced go it. You are lifegt famous. Roleswomen have admit hot, janet jackson called. Gia shes also, known, movies! Readers, voted female makes. At same time which, lot people, can won academy. Reprints helpour story guideuser agreement. Public eye embraced community speaks openly. Word season dictionary tax! Children refugees countries like pakistan? It, be madonna christina aguilera said quotshes tough!"

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