Saturday, May 03, 2008


I don't know if this is because of the influences of their father being a pastor or if it is a part of being American - but our boys set up a meeting of the minds today. We were loading the trucks with concrete to begin building the new rail system around Front Room Proper when Ezra (the foreman) decided we needed to circle up for a meeting. During the meeting we discussed what trucks would be loaded first and where the tracks would be set for the train that is expected to come through Hallway County (to the southeast of Dining Room Estates). I was a bit disappointed that the financial aspects of the deal were not a part of this meeting but I am certain this was noted in the minutes and it will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Thank you for your cooperation during the planning phase of this project.
*for those of you wondering - this meeting took place on the same floor from the noise making in the previous post.


M. said...

It looks like a lot was accomplished. There was a similar meeting in the garage with my kids at the beginning of the week. I hope your boys were able to undo all the mess my kids created with their grandiose ideas.

Grandpa Black said...

Good boy, Ezra. Plan things out, delegate responsibilites, organize everything. You are a true engineer in the making. We rule the world. Listen to this:
and be like Grandpa.

P.S. You really should date your socks.

Grandpa Black said...

Here is the link that works when clicked: