Saturday, May 31, 2008

There is a first time for everything

It finally happened. I was finally able to take my two older boys camping. I have said before that I need to show my boys what they need to enjoy. Yesterday afternoon we loaded up the van with the things we needed and headed to the Roughrider Campground.
We found a great spot under some trees and set up the tent. The boys were excited to put their things in the tent.
We then found a playground and the boys thought it was interesting to sit inside this tractor tire.
After playing for a while we went back to our camp site to eat. As we ate a large storm rolled in and the temperature dropped. We felt a few drops of rain but the storm didn't amount to much. We started a fire and the boys warmed themselves.
This morning we awoke and all had a bit of coffee. It was a great time together - just us boys.
*You can see more pictures of our time together at our family website. There are pictures of Ezra and Asher.


M. said...

they look like they're having the time of their lives. They especially enjoyed the fire.

Vince said...

yes mandi - they learned their facial expressions from henry.

M. said...

Touche. I know how Ezra idolizes Henry; completely without warrant.