Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spurgeon on long-winded prayers

I've been reading some Spurgeon recently and the quote below is something every public prayer should read. Spurgeon's insight and honesty is refreshing!

Long prayers either consist of repetitions, or else of unnecessary explanations which God does not require; or else they degenerate into downright preachings, so that there is no difference between the praying and the preaching, except that in the one the minister has his eyes shut, and in the other he keeps them open. It is not necessary in prayer to rehearse the Westminster Assembly's Catechism. It is not necessary in prayer to relate the experience of all the people who are present, or even your own. It is not necessary in prayer to string a selection of texts of Scripture together, and quote David, and Daniel, and Job, and Paul and Peter, and ever other body, under the title of 'thy servant of old.' It is necessary in prayer to draw near unto God, but it is not required of you to prolong your speech till everyone is longing to hear the word 'Amen.'

On a practical note...long prayers make Obed angry and you don't want to make Obed angry!


M. said...

Obed will not like it when Henry prays. He likes to thank God for every mundane thing - toys, candy, chicken breasts - oh wait, not that last thing. Say Amen, Henry! Say Amen!

Anonymous said...

Amen brother!