Thursday, June 08, 2006

More animal news in Missouri

Small towns have their own strange problems. In a town just south of Ma & Pa Black one of these problems occurred. I am not making this up - it is all true. My monkey-loving friend will not like this article but there are times when the truth needs to be told.

Residents of the Aspen Trace neighborhood are tired of putting up with attacks by a neighbor's pet monkey.

During the regular City Council meeting Monday, Peggy Bearden showed council members a shirt belonging to her grandson that she said was damaged by the monkey during an attack.

Trey Hardy, community redevelopment coordinator, said the city's animal ordinance addresses future would-be monkey owners but current owners are grandfathered in, although the animals must be restrained.

"She can not control that monkey -- it gets away from her," Bearden said.
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PoMonkey said...

Everyone knows that pet monkeys need to be leashed when they go for walks!! I'm not upset about this post. I'm in favor of irresponsible monkey owners being held accountable for the tremendous task of monkey ownership.