Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Now that's...oh, nevermind!

I am going to stop this series on Christian Cheese for a few reasons. First of all (and unfortunately) I am running out of family friendly material. You wouldn't think that a series on evangelism would have to be censored but it does - especially since I found out that families from our church read this blog (hello Kate & Dawn). Secondly, my buddy Bryan saw the sign from yesterday and said, "...I can't read these anymore. It's like nails on a chalkboard. Let me know when this series is done." I can't disappoint him so I will post a picture of Bryan and Starbuck the dog.
Stay tuned for the next series entitled "Animals killed on roads near my parents house."


K-Fish said...

I saw a nice sign today in a front yard in the Amish/Mennonite area in Pennsylvania near Lancaster. It said:

Jesus is the Bread of life.

Creative Liberty said...

Man...dont stop this series. If you do I may have to take up the mantle. Hate that I missed most of the commentary on it. Before the digital era, I think it was called film...I use to take pictures of cheesy church signs. I should find those picts and scan them in. Ok, time to hit the road for ten hours.

Bryan C. McWhite said...

That's Caribou, not Starbuck. Caribou's the one that makes good coffee. Starbucks is the coffee that placed below Caribou, Dunkin Donuts, and Eight O'Clock Coffee in the Consumer Report survey last year. We named our dog after GOOD coffee.