Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Leave Your Church!

I just finished reading a book about the church. It was a fair book but something stood out in a chapter entitled "Choosing Your Church." Near the end of the chapter the author discusses how you should leave a church. He says,

"My encouragement is to make a priority of leaving humbly and as helpfully as possible. Refuse to participate in gossip about members of the leaders in the church. If you're a member, communicate your concerns to the pastor and your points of disagreement. Look for ways to point out examples of grace and to encourage them. Ask to hear their perspective. Your goal should be to leave in a way that is gracious and honoring to God."

This is good instruction for all of us. I have seen so many people leave churches without any explanation. That creates an awkward situation in aisle 9 at the grocery store when you see them looking at the frozen appetizers. Should I approach them? Should I ask if they are going to another church? Should I ask if I offended them? Should I duck into another aisle? We need to grow up and be open in our communication. If we see problems in the church we should seek to be a help and not just be a bitter gossip - especially if you are a member of that church!

If you have problems with your church have you discussed those problems with the leadership? Maybe a better, and more convicting question, would be - have you discussed these problems with other people in the congregation that really don't have any authority? If so, you are gossiping and you need to repent. What are you doing to help the body grow in relation to God?

I'm just askin.'

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