Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Last night on Letterman Rupert chose a contestant to see if they could find an image of someone in the manicotti. Someone in California claimed they saw the face of Jesus in their manicotti. Letterman took advantage of the opportunity but on his show it actually ended up being Burt Reynolds.

In other interesting food news. There will be a giant Cheeto on display in Iowa this week. This fascinating news story was brought to my attention by a friend.

"A motorcade with two sheriff's cars and a fire truck were part of the ceremony that helped unveil a giant Cheeto as a tourist attraction in northwest Iowa. The event culminated with the Cheeto's first live television appearance.
Bryce Wilson, 24, a disc jockey at KLGA-FM in Algona, arranged for the huge piece of snack food to be mailed from Hawaii and then set up a major event to unveil the Cheeto at a local restaurant."
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rick said...

I once saw an image of your dad in a pecan pie but was afraid to tell him because I knew he would confront me for my pronunciation of "pecan". Is that Letterman worthy?

Todd said...

Nice blog. The cheeto is, well, rather disappointing. As you can see, it would be very easy to make a cheeto that eclipses the current record holder by miles (or pounds). It looks kinda gross too.

The best attraction in Algona is the statue of the man to whom the county was named after. He never actually made it to Iowa though...

It's a nice town - don't get me wrong. In fact, we 'hosted' thousands of German POW's during WWII. To honor the town for the good treatment they got here, they made a life-sized (or near life-sized) Nativity scene out of wood. Now that is cool!