Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Raisin Box Fortunes

Recently I have been eating raisins. I don't know why. It is a finger food that Ezra has been eating recently. One day I grabbed a handful of raisins from his snack bag and could not stop eating. It's a strange snack. Who thought of this? I imagine the conversation went something like this: "let's take a perfectly good fruit and let it sit in the sun for a long time until the life is sucked out of it - then let's eat it." It's a strange snack.

We have been working with Ezra to try to get him to understand that God is Creator. When we see something that God has made we ask "Ezra, who made this." His response is the obvious - "Dod!" Yesterday I asked Ezra who made the raisins. His answer was the obvious - "Dod!" Initially I praised Ezra for answering correctly and then I thought...I suppose that God made the grape and some underpaid worker probably did most of the work in the raisin process. Of course Ezra doesn't understand that logic so I said again - "that's right, God made the raisins."

Sun-maid Raisins is doing something interesting with their packaging. Each snack-sized box of raisins comes witht the added incentive of a fortune. On the flap that folds into the box there is a short fortune or proverb much like a fortune cookie. I would like to share the last few days of fortune with you. Please understand that I am not endorsing these fortunes. Some of them may sound biblical but they are not Scripture. Please do not file suit against me because I encouraged you to live out these fortunes. I am simply sharing the sayings and it is your responsibility if you are to act on the fortunes.

1. Make plans for tomorrow.
2. Your true beauty leaves a lasting impression.
3. Your sense of humor is priceless.
4. Celebrate: you're on a roll.
5. True friends don't care what's in your piggy bank.

The fortune on the snack-sized box of Sun-Maid raisins is an interesting marketing tool. It may be a good use of space on the box but we all know that the best use of a raisin box is the raisin box kazoo.


Bryan C. McWhite said...

I think this entire article is an elaborate cover-up and justification for the fact that you're stealing your son's snacks. I've always wondered where the saying, "Like stealing candy from a baby" comes from. Now I know.

Good thoughts though.

the hamster said...

you know who you are supposed to read fortune cookie fortunes by ending each little fortune with the phrase " bed" so that it will say something like:

"Great favor has been shined upon your talents... in bed."

yea, that's funny. well, with that in mind i went back and read over all of these little tidbits and added at the end of each one "but remember: you're still just a raisin." so now we have a phrase like:

"Your true beauty leaves a lasting impression... but remember: you're still just a raisin."

now your fruit is both energizing AND humbling.

Vince said...

hamster, i never thought the raisin industry would be so life-changing. they will know we eat raisins by our love.

andy said...

You should try the Cherry-Flavored Craisins. They're great.

PoMonkey said...

Did you know they have chocolate covered craisins now? Stupendous! What will they think of next...