Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quick Holiness!

"The importance of The Holy Bible, whether as a master work of literature or religious canon, can hardly be overestimated. This comprehensive study guide provides a unique approach to reading The Holy Bible and helps readers dive deep into the New Testament to analyze the teachings of Jesus through poetry and parable. The guide also leads readers through the Old Testament, the foundation for both Judaism and Christianity and the moral and political beacon for many nations of the Western world. "

All of this in just 224 pages available here. Is this adding or taking away from the Scripture?


rick said...

Sorry Wince - that one is too deep for me, I'm reading the Bible for Dummies. This is perfect for me. I found the Complete Idiots Guide to the Bible offensive.

K-Fish said...

Gee... I didn't even know they had these kind of books out there. I can't wait to make my Christmas list this year.