Saturday, March 18, 2006

A let down

I always dislike the days right after holidays. The days prior to holidays are so exciting. I spend my time thinking about the holiday to come. The day after Christmas is a good example - think about it. You were just with family, you probably received gifts, you may have gone to church, you probably didn't have to work - and the list could go on...and then the day after Christmas. What do you do? Nothing! It's over.
As bad as the day after Christmas is, the day after St. Patrick's Day is worse. I spend weeks looking forward to all of the hype. I set out my green clothing days in advance. I begin coloring my beer the first of March. The Irish music CD's are constantly spinning in the Black home. So here we are - it's the day after St. Patrick's Day. I am so depressed. What do I have to look forward to now? Nothing! It's over. I have to wait 364 days until next year.

Other Examples

  1. The day after Groundhog's Day
  2. The day after President's Day
  3. The day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  4. The day after Labor Day
  5. The day after Boxing Day
  6. The day after Grandparent's Day
  7. The day after Administrative Assistant's Day (this one is up there with St. Patrick's Day)

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Creative Liberty said...

Psssst...Vince...theres Easter, still got that bunny costume your granny sent you that year in college?