Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The silkworm and Jonny E.

I have had an afternoon of reading Jonathan Edwards and have especially enjoyed the sections from Images of Divine Things (1728).

#35. The silkworm is a remarkable type of Christ, which, when it dies, yields us that of which we make such glorious clothing. Christ became a worm for our sakes, and by his death finished that righteousness with which believers are clothed, and thereby procured that we should be clothed with robes of glory...

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david rudd said...

hey vince,
i don't remember how i found your blog. i somehow stumbled upon another blog with a link to you in the sidebar. i thought, "shirley, this couldn't be THE vince black." the wit and and fabulous artism confirmed that indeed...it might be.
i've read for a while. (a blogger peeping tom)

it's a small evangelical world...