Friday, June 06, 2008

My wife and blogs

I love my wife! She is an amazing woman and I do not deserve her. Over the years I have tried to get her to post her thoughts, comments and humor on a blog. She never agreed to jump on the wagon...until now. To be honest I guess she didn't really agree to do anything with a blog. Here's how it went down - we were talking last night about the funny things our boys say. Kirsten said "that's why I wish I had a blog, so I could post these funny things." I jumped on the idea, created a blog and signed her up with an account. I have posted the first item on the blog to get her going. It's a repeat from something I posted earlier this week. If you know Kirsten and would like here to follow through with my idea - go to the blog and let her know you want to read what she has to say. She is so amazing she deserves to be shared with you.

See the new blog here!

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