Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Update on PEZ

Contrary to popular opinion I decided somewhat rashly to post all of my PEZ dispensers on ebay. When I logged and counted all of the common dispensers there were 183. I started the bidding at $.99 for a three day bid. The last time I checked there were 8 bids and the high bid was $20.59. If the bidding stops at that price each dispenser will be worth $.11. Each new dispenser costs on average $1. That is a net loss of $162.41. Most of the dispensers were gifts so that brings the net loss back up a bit. I will keep you posted on the final highest bidder.

For those of you who tried to convince me to keep the plastic candy-throated fun - sorry. The money has already been earmarked for something much more valuable.

**UPDATED** The entire lot of dispensers sold for $34. On average each dispenser sold for about $.19.


M. said...

Good for you! I'm sure your awesome wife will never regret the decision and your kids will love the story..."Daddy, tell me again about the Pez dispensers you collected and then sold on eBay for $20.59!"

Vince said...

m. - u.y.

the hamster said...

this story tugged at my heartstrings and my neckhinges.